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We’re fully focused on international shipping, and our network reflects that. DHL Express serves over 500 airports in Europe, Asia Pacific, Americas, Africa and the Middle East. Forty-six state-of-the-art hubs around the world, from Cincinnati to Shanghai, mean your shipments move at full speed. With such an extensive global coverage and density, our air network is unparalleled in the express industry. It forms the backbone of our international express delivery organization.

Our Time Definite Export Services allow you to export goods to more than 220 countries and territories by a specific time or by the end of the next possible business day. Our efficiencies and knowledge of local Customs and cultures translates to best possible delivery times. We navigate the pick-up and delivery of over 21 million shipments annually into and out of the United States. There is no easier and more convenient way to ship around the globe. Let DHL take care of all the details from door-to-door and everything in between.

import services
import services

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Packing Lists

Documents listing all of the items being transported, including their value are packing lists. If appropriate, other documents may be necessary to determine if the merchandise will be approved for entry into the United States.


A waybill that names the consignee for Customs purposes as evidence of the consignee’s right to make entry. The waybill accompanies the shipment and forms part of the paperwork set. It may also include valuable information not mentioned on the invoice.

Commercial Invoice

Obtained from the seller, a Commercial Invoice shows the value and description of the merchandise. A Commercial Invoice is required for most imports into the United States. A Pro Forma Invoice may be used for certain transactions such as goods not intended for further sale, returned merchandise and goods intended only for temporary import, among other purposes.